Drool Over the Mustang Cobra R

Cobra Mustang Bill Utter Ford

Image via Flickr by cmonville

Ford doesn’t make an R Series Mustang often, but when it does, it goes big. The first Cobra R came out in 1993. The second was built in 1995. They were fun cars, but it’s the 2000 SVT Mustang Cobra R¬†that made its mark as one of the serious bad boys in Ford motor history.

Only 300 of them were ever built. They were all showstoppers, available in only in Performance Red with a massive rear spoiler and street-sweeping front splitter. The interior came only in Dark Charcoal with Recaro seats and basic instrumentation dominated by a speedometer that went up to 180.

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See Every Venue in Denton in the Ford Flex

Ford Flex Bill Utter Ford

Image via Flickr by Corvair Owner

Denton is known for its live music venues, from Crossroads to the Hickory Street Lounge. This is a great city for those who love kicking back with cold beers and great music. With a plethora of performance locations on hand, Denton is also a prime pick for aspiring musicians. No matter which camp you fall into, the Ford Flex can get you to your destination with style and efficiency.

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The Ford EcoBoost Mustang: More Fun Than It Should Be

Mustang EcoBoost Bill Utter Ford

Image via Flickr by n0hav0cyet94

The Ford EcoBoost Mustang isn’t what most people think of when they picture a sports car. Without the signature V8, the invigorating growl, and the familiar weight of a standard sports car, some purists have trouble thinking of the EcoBoost as a serious sports car at all.

Yet there are still many who are ready to stand up to the haters, declaring the EcoBoost the right sports car for the majority of drivers. After all, it’s manageable, efficient, and extremely fun when you climb behind the wheel. Learn why the EcoBoost Mustang might be the surprising winner for your next sports car purchase.

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The 3 Best Fords for Families in Denton

Ford Fusion Bill Utter Ford

Image via Flickr by RL GNZLZ

In the market for a new car that works well for the whole family? Ford offers a nice selection of family-friendly vehicles that have all the features you need to enjoy life in Denton, Texas. With features ranging from ample cargo room and third-row seating to enhanced safety features and entertainment tech, the following Ford models are perfect for you and the kids.

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The Ford Escape’s Newest Tech

Windshield Bill Utter Ford Denton and Dallas

Image via Flickr by duncan

New car models incorporate technology in exciting new ways, making the experience of driving safer and more enjoyable. One example of this is the new Ford Escape, which uses a new de-icer setup to make clearing your windshield easier than ever. What is this new design, and how does it work? We have the scoop below.

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Choose the Dependable Ford Taurus for Your Denton Driving

Fuel economy bill utter ford Dallas

Image via Flickr by Michael Kappel

Ford has long been known for its reliability and sturdy design. The brand is most commonly associated with its trucks, but its sedans are making a huge impact on the market, particularly the Ford Taurus. With not only the creature comforts modern drivers have come to expect, but also stellar fuel economy and a sleek design, the 2016 Taurus is holding its own in the auto market. Read on to find out why a Ford Taurus may be right for you.

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Get Yourself in a Ford Focus RS

Ford Focus RS Bill Utter Ford

Image via Flickr by thirdgen89gta

This is the third generation for the Ford Focus RS, and this time, Ford has conquered several issues with previous models. In addition to better power and steering, the Focus RS is now four-wheel-drive and manual transmission. This sturdy little hatchback is the kind of car you didn’t realize you wanted until you sat down inside and took a test drive. Ford has done an amazing job on this third-generation model.

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See Denton’s Culture in the 2016 Ford Focus

Denton Bill Utter Ford

Image via Flickr by Axel.Foley

Denton, Texas, is steeped in history and culture. From its Courthouse-on-the-Square Museum to its downtown creative arts studios, there’s a lot to explore in our neck of the woods, which makes sightseeing in your brand new 2016 Ford Focus all the more fun.

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How Is Ford’s Autonomous Car Shaping Up?

Auto Ford Fusion

Image via Flickr by Jurvetson

Despite all the things cars can do for us, like braking when we don’t react fast enough, keeping us from swerving out of lanes, and protecting us when we crash, we’re still the drivers. Autonomous vehicles sound like a concept of the far future. If Ford has anything to say about it, they’ll be along sooner than we think. Ford has been rigorously testing its autonomous Fusion in simulated real-world¬†conditions, including inclement weather. The technology is pretty impressive, and the car is faring well so far.

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Feel the Power: The 2016 Ford F-250 Super Duty

Bill Utter Ford

Image via Flickr by HoskingIndustries

Car and Driver rated the Ford F-250 Super Duty the third best heavy duty pickup truck. From the beginning of its pickup truck building days, Ford has produced some of the most durable and powerful trucks on the market. The 2016 Ford F-250 Super Duty is no exception. If you’re a truck lover, keep your eye on this new vehicle. Here’s why.

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